The Museum of Southern History
Preserving the History, Ideals and Chivalry of the South.
4304 Herschel St., Jacksonville, Florida 32210
photoChildren on Class Visit to learn about History.
         Preserving the History, Ideals and Chivalry of the South. An independent museum dedicated to historical accuracy maintained by public donations.
         The Museum of Southern History was established to maintain and perpetuate an educational facility for those who are interested in the history of the United States, its early and current problems and difficulties in becoming the Nation it is today.  The museum covers from the Native Americans, American Revolution, Civil War and continues forward to current history. We are also dedicated to historical accuracy in presenting the lifestyle and culture of the Antebellum South, a unique civilization, misunderstood by many, belittled and misrepresented by some, but deeply revered by the grateful descendants of the brave men and women whose sacrifices and dedication to a cause that created a chapter in our nation’s history. Special attention is given to the education of young people as groups of school children are given basic education in our nation’s history in the hope that they will better understand and perhaps develop an interest in learning more about their history.
Mission Statement
We accept no government financing of any kind.
Hours of Operation Tues.-Sat.
10AM to 6PM
(904) 388-3574