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Flags of the Confederacy
There were many variations of the basic Battle Flag as well as many generals designed a flag to their personal taste.  We will deal with a few that were of interest to Florida.
The little know history of the Georgia State Flag and it's role at Olustee
This flag was used by the 19th Georgia and is distinguished by an orange wool border on three sides. The flags featured 13 stars. The blue crosses were eight inches wide and set on red fields that were 48 inches square for infantry. This was known as the first bunting issue and appeared in 1862.
The flag featured above was also used at Olustee by the Zachry Rangers, Co. H, 27th Georgia Volunteer Infantry.  The original of this flag hangs today in the Georiga State Capitol in Atlanta.  It is the basis for today's state flag.  See the above presentation.