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Chronological listing of engagements fought on Florida soil
Jan. 6 Seizure of U. S. Arsenal at Apalachicola
Jan. 7 Seizure of Fort Marion, at St. Augustine
Jan. 10 Adoption of Secession Ordinance
Jan. 10 Transfer of U. S. Troops
Jan. 12 Seizure of Barrancas Barracks. Forts Barrancas and McRae, and Navy Yard, Pensacola
Jan. 12 Surrender of Fort Pickens
Jan. 14 Garrison of Fort Taylor. Key West.
Jan. 15 Surrender of Fort Pickens
Jan. 16 Action at Cedar Keys
Jan. 18 Garrison of Fort Jefferson, Tortugas
Jan. 18 Surrender of Fort Pickens
Feb.. 6 Arrival off Pensacola
Apr. 17 Arrival at Fort Pickens
Sept. 2 Destruction of Pensacola Navy yard
Sept. 14 Destruction of Privateer "Judah" near Pensacola
Oct. 3 Action Santa Rosa
Nov. 22-23 Engagement with Confederate works at Pensacola Bombardment of Fort Pickens
Jan. 1 Bombardment of Fort Barrancas and McRae, Pensacola Harbor
Jan. 1 Bombardment of Fort McRae, Pensacola Harbor
Mar. 5 Occupation Fernandina
Mar. 12 Occupation Jacksonville
Mar. 23 Engagement Smyrna
Mar. 27-31 Recon. on Santa Rosa Island
Apr. 7 Engagement Saint Andrews Bay
Apr. 9 Evacuation of Jacksonville
Apr. 10 Engagement near Fernandina
May 9-12 Evacuation of Pensacola
May 20 Engagement, Crooked River
June 15 Descent on Saint Marks
June 25 Engagement near Pensacola
Aug. 7-10 Recon. from Pensacola to Bagdad and Milton
Sept. 11 Engagement. Saint John's Bluff
Sept. 17 Engagement. Saint John's Bluff
Oct. 1-2 Engagements. Saint John's Bluff
Oct. 2 Engagements. Mayport Mills and near St. Johns' Bluff
Oct. 3 Capture of Saint John's Bluff
Oct. 5 Recon. to Jacksonville
Oct. 6-9 Expedition to Beresford Lake
Oct. 15 Action, Apalachicola River
Jan. 26 Engagement. Township
Mar. 9 Engagement near St. Augustine
Mar. 10 Capture of Jacksonville
Mar. 20 Engagement, St. Andrew's Bay
March 21-31 Operations near Jacksonville
Mar. 24 Engagement, Ocklockonnee Bay
Mar. 25 Action at Jacksonville
Mar. 27 Engagement, Palatka
March 29 Engagement. Jacksonville
June 14-15 Expedition from Pensacola to Milton
Aug. 19 Engagement. St. John's Mill
Oct. 16 Engagement, Fort Brooke
Oct. 17 Action, Tampa Bay
Dec. 25 Engagement, Fort Brooke
Dec. 30 Engagement, St. Augustine
Jan. 25 Engagement, Grand Bayou
Feb. 7 Occupation Jacksonville
Feb. 9 Engagement near Washington
Feb. 7-22 Expedition from Jacksonville to Lake City
Feb. 8 Engagement, Ten Mile Run, near Camp Finegan
Feb. 8 Engagement near Jacksonville
Feb. 9 Engagement near Point Washington
Feb. 9-10 Expedition from Fernandina up Nassau River
Feb. 10 Capture Camp Cooper
Feb. 10 Engagement, Barber's Place
Feb. 11 Engagement, Lake City

Feb. 15-23 Expedition from Fernandina to Woodstock, and King's Ferry Mill
Feb. 20 Engagement, Pease Creek
Feb. 20 Attack on Fort Myers
Feb. 20 Battle at Olustee
Mar. 1 Engagement, McGirt's Creek
Mar. 1 Engagement, Cedar Creek
Mar. 10 Occupation of Palatka
Mar. 11 Engagement on Lake George
Mar. 16 Engagement, Palatka
Mar. 21 Engagement, Palatka
Apr. 1 Expedition from Palatka to Ft. Gates
Apr. 2 Expedition from Jacksonville to Cedar Creek
Apr. 2 Engagement Cedar Run
Apr. 2 Engagement, Cow Ford Creek near Pensacola
Apr. 25-May 6 Expedition from Jacksonville to• Grand Bayou
Apr. 28 Engagement near Jacksonville
May 1 Engagement near Jacksonville
May 4 Expedition to Tampa
May 19 Engagement, Welaka
May 19 Engagement, Saunders
Feb. 2 Engagement, St. John's River
Feb. 5 Action, Braddock's' Farm near Welaka
Feb. 13 Action, Station Four
Feb. 14 Engagement near Cedar Keys
Feb. 19 Expedition from Barrancas to Milton
Feb. 20 Attack on Fort Myers
Feb. 21-Mar. 7 Operations near St. Mark's
Feb. 22-25 Expedition from Barrancas to Milton
Mar. 4-5 Engagements, East River Bridge
Mar. 5-6 Engagements, Newport Bridge
Mar. 6 Battle of Natural Bridge
Mar. 7-12 Expedition from Jacksonville
Mar. 19 Engagement. Welaka
Mar. 19 Engagement. Saunders
Mar. 20-Apr. 1 Expedition from Barrancas to Mobile Bay
Mar. 25 Engagement, Cotton Creek
Mar. 25 Engagement, Mitchell's Creek
Mar. 25 Engagement, Cane Creek of Bluff Springs
Mar. 25 Engagement, Escambia Bay
Mar. 25 Engagement, Moody Creek
May 31-Jun. 6 Expedition from Barrancas to Apalachicola

May 19-27 Operations on St. John's River
May 23 Engagement, Horse Landing, St. John's River
May 25 Engagement, Jackson's Bridge near Pensacola
May 25 Operations on Yellow River
May 25 Engagement near Camp Finnegan
May 28 Engagement near Jacksonville
May 31-Jun 3 Expedition from Jacksonville to Camp Milton
June 2 Capture of Camp Milton
July 1-4 Expedition from Fort Myers. to Bayport
July 6 Engagement. Station Four, near Cedar Keys
July 15-20 Expedition from Jacksonville
July 18 Engagement, Trout Creek
July 20-29 Expedition from Cedar Keys to St. Andrew's Bay
July 21-25 Expedition from Barrancas, toward Pollard. AL
July 22 Action, Camp Gonzales
July 22 Action, Fort Hudson
July 22 Engagement near Barrancas
July 23-28 Raid from Jacksonville upon Baldwin

July 24 Engagement. South Fork, Black Creek
July 24 Engagement, •Whiteside's
July 25 Engagement near Trail Ridge
July 26 Engagement, St. Mary's Trestle
July 27 Engagement, Black Creek, near Whiteside's
Aug. 2-4 Expedition to McIntosh County
Aug. 7 Engagement, Grand Bayou
Aug. 10 Engagement, Baldwin
Aug. 12 Engagement, Baldwin
Aug. 13 Engagement, Palatka
Aug. 13-14 Expedition from Fort Barrancas
Aug. 15-19 Raid on Florida RR
Aug. 17 Engagement, Gainesville
Aug. 17 Engagement, South Newport.
Aug. 21 Engagement, Fort Taylor
Aug. 26 Engagement, Fort Myers
Aug. 29 Engagement, Milton
Sep. 18-Oct. 4 Expedition from Fort Barrancas to Marianna
Sep. 23 Engagement, Euchee, Anna Court House

Sep. 23 Engagement near Magnolia
Sep. 27 Action, Marianna
Sep. 28 Engagement, Vernon
Sep. 28 Expedition to Enterprise
Oct. 18 Engagement, Pierce's Point, near Milton
Oct. 18-31 Operations in West Florida
Oct. 21 Engagement, Ryan's Plantation
Oct. 24 Engagement, Gum Swamp
Oct. 24 Engagement near Magnolia
Oct. 25-28 Expedition up Backwater Bay
Oct. 26 Action, Milton
Nov. 16-17 Expedition from Barrancas to Pine Barren Creek
Nov. 17 Engagements, Pine. Barren Creek
Nov. 17 Engagements, Pine. Barren Bridge
Dec. 13-19 Expedition from Barrancas to Pollard, Ala.
Dec. 15-16 Engagements, Mitchell's Creek
Dec. 17 Engagement, Little Escambia Bridge
Dec. 17-18 Engagements, Pine. Barren Ford