The Museum of Southern History
Preserving the History, Ideals and Chivalry of the South.
4304 Herschel St., Jacksonville, Florida 32210
General Joseph E. Johnston's Revolver
On display in the museum is the original revolver carried by Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston, Commander of the Army of Tennessee.
President Abraham Lincoln Flag One of only three of this design in existence to have adorned the casket of President Abraham Lincoln during the time he was taken on tour of northern cities following his assassination. The flag is on display in the Museum.

One of the focus points of the Museum is the education of young people. The Museum offers educational programs to school groups giving them a basic knowledge of their past. After the presentation in the Museum, the children are given the opportunity to handle and fire the old muskets in the courtyard behind the Museum. Call the museum at (904) 388-3574 to schedule your group.
Adult Group Programs

Upon request, the Museum will provide presentations oriented to a specific group. We have had numerous Church Groups, Retirement Homes, UDC and other interest groups. The Museum has also produced adult educational material for use back in their home communities. Call us at (904) 388-3574 to discuss your needs.