The Museum of Southern History
Preserving the History, Ideals and Chivalry of the South.
4304 Herschel St., Jacksonville, Florida 32210
Library and research facility
         One of the more important services the museum provides our members is our reference library.  We have over 6,000 volumes, all relating to the War Between the States era with information on the men that served; their units, campaigns and battles as well as life at home.  Many of our books were written during the period of time in question and reflect the actual conditions that existed.  If you can handle the truth we invite you to study and make your own determination rather than simply accept the politically correct interpretations that often attempt to make our southern forefathers into villains rather than tell of the honest courage they exhibited in standing up for what they felt were their constitutional rights.
         We feel it is important to first learn what really transpired and the underlying reasons and then learn to deal with it.  A word of caution may be in order as you may find what you were taught in school to be a product of fantasy and politically inspired wishful thinking rather than what really occurred.  If you are strong enough to face the truth and historical accuracy, we would recommend reading some of the older books.
Museum members may check out books for ease in reading.